Intro-pilot Program

AMA Introductory Pilot Program

Wilson RC is taking part with the AMA Intro-pilot program. Intro-pilot is a program that will let instructors train non-AMA members to fly airplanes during a time period of 60 consecutive days, and students are covered by the liability provisions of the AMA insurance policy. Full details are available from the Membership Department at AMA Headquarters.

Participation in this program is on a one-time basis only. This program covers assisting new modelers through education and training activities only, and does not constitute permission to fly in any organized event of AMA members or clubs, sanctioned or otherwise. No AMA card will be issued to the non-AMA member during the 60 day introduction period.

Intro Pilot Instructors
AMA# Name Phone# Email
77880 Charles A Adkins (252) 237-4195
66197 Donnie F Bean (252) 243-5304
922210 Gregory Sisak (252) 446-1564
233666 John A Stieferman (252) 291-5712
178603 John D Watson (252) 238-3394
875392 Robert M Boyette (252) 237-2397
817769 Robert Mattern (252) 243-7138